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What‘s New in 3ds Max 2022?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Autodesk has released 3ds Max 2022 with a focus on workflow efficiency, enhanced texturing and rendering tools, and more security. New features include revamped versions of the Slice, Symmetry, and Relax modifiers and useful enhancements to the Smart Extrude tools.

In most 3D artist experience of using 3ds Max, unfortunately, more often than not, they are left disappointed. Their expectations, depending on the expierence they have, variate. But still, all of them are always waiting for the new release, expecting that Autodesk will pull something new and exciting this time.

Who knows, maybe this time Autodesk will surprise us? Let’s take a closer look at the updates that have been released.


Smart Extrude gains two new functions. When extruding inwards, it is now possible to cut through, delete and stitch the opposite faces to create a hole, similar to a boolean subtraction. Conversely, if an outward extrusion completely penetrates another part of the mesh, a bridge is formed, similar to a boolean union.


The slice modifier has been updated with a new Radial Slice option. It is now possible to slice on the X,Y, and Z axis in a single modifier for planar slicing. In the past, you’d need to stack up 3 separate modifiers to achieve something similar. We also have new the ability to cap the sliced faces automatically.

  • Capping: Open holes created by the Slice operation can now be capped along their boundary edges on both Mesh and Poly objects.

  • Multi-Axis Cutting: Perform a X-, Y-, and/or Z-aligned planar slice of your mesh based on the position of the slice gizmo through a single modifier.

  • Radial Slice: A new Radial slice operation enables control of the cutting results based on a set of user-defined min and max angles.

  • Alignment options: Quickly align the cutting gizmo to faces on an object, or reference another animatable object in your scene.


The Symmetry modifier gains similar features, with the ability to use multiple symmetry planes in a single modifier. That allows Symmetry to produce faster results and offer a more interactive experience in the viewport.

  • Multi-Axis Symmetry: Planar symmetry has been updated to perform, X, Y, and/or Z symmetry results on the symmetry gizmo.

  • Radial Symmetry: A new Radial symmetry function allows artists to duplicate and repeat a geometry around the gizmo center quickly. This new feature based on user feedback enables artists to create new variations rapidly.

  • Alignment options: Align the symmetry gizmo to faces on an object, or reference another animatable object in your scene.

These are just a few features that are available now in the 3ds Max 2022 release. Other features in this release include pre-configured maps for the bake to texture tool, improvements to viewport AO and floating windows that can now be viewed full screen without a border using a hotkey. More about these updates you can learn on 3ds Max product page.


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