Course Duration

5 days

Course Date

2021 - 04 - 19


Live - Online


1400 €



In this course, you will get to learn about the core tools and workflows necessary to create projects in Unity 3D. You will start off by introducing the interface and core workflows and then transition to prototyping your ideas based on a project design document. You will build some basic systems all the while learning how Unity 3D creates behaviors through game objects, prefabs, and components. From there, you will create a basic level using ProBuilder, a feature that allows artists and designers to create models right in the Editor. You'll also explore importing 3D assets, configuring Prefabs, lighting scenes, creating VFX, configuring animation clips, implementing user feedback like audio and user interfaces, and so much more. The course will wrap up by adding the final touches to your project by utilizing Post Processing and Cinemachine cameras. This course is designed to get you creating in Unity 3D quickly and to be at a point where you can feel very comfortable using the software and modern Unity 3D workflow.



Prefabs are a special type of component that allows fully configured Unity3D object to be saved in the Project for reuse. We will start by creating assets that can be shared between scenes, or even other projects without having to be configured again.


Animating Assets

This part of course is everything about from how to set up our animation preferences and create key frames, to learning how animation can be modified from Unity 3D time Slider and Graph Editor.

Lighting and Materials


The lighting of a project is one of the most important aspects to master if you wish to achieve an appealing, good-looking, realistic render. Mastering the basic concepts is not only necessary but an important part of a good foundation. In this part you will learn how to create and set different light types.


In part of the course we will teach how to set up animation clips in Unity after they have been imported from an external application, such as Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender, via an FBX file.

UI and VR

UI for VR

We will use UI toolkit for developing user interfaces for application. It is a GameObject-based UI system that uses Components and the Game View to arrange, position, and style user interfaces.

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1400 €

Course Date

2021 - 04 - 19


5 days

Target Audience 

This course is directed at architects, engineers, scientists, interior and product designers, as well as any other beginner or professional who wants to achieve a photorealistic render, animation, VR and simulation at a professional level.  

Delivery Formats 

This course can be attended Live Online in a virtual classroom remotely from home or office, private one-to-one and for your team. 


After completing the training course program, students will receive an Completion Training Certificates. 

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