We are a team of experienced professionals with a collective background in CGI technology, biology, architecture, engineering, in-training and project management. The passion for helping our clients achieve their learning objectives and be able to create 3D scientific, architectural, automotive and engineering animations, visualizations and VR, while also enabling them with the ability to visualize and animate their researches and technical solutions in a format that is clear, meaningful and engaging led us to set up a training studio.

Today, we are CGISCIENCE, a leading training and consulting center that brings 3D Visualization, Animation, Simulation and Virtual Reality, under one roof. As a professional Autodesk, V-Ray by Chaos and Unreal Engine authorized training center, we specialize in Live Online training courses designed for Beginner to Expert level skillsets. We provide professional training for the various software related to AEC (architecture, engineering and construction), automotive and scientific (biotechnology) industries.

All our instructors have over ten years of experience in providing training, consultancy and bespoke project support to companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations spread across the globe. Our instructors are certified by the world's leading software providers such as Autodesk, Adobe, V-Ray by Chaos, Unreal Engine and Unity3D, so combining their technical accreditations with the years of teaching experience, enables them to bring a unique training and consulting experience that will help you with your current and future projects.


Majority of our courses are delivered on a Live Online basis and at our client's offices, as this is a cost-effective and time-saving approach, since extra costs, such as transport and lodging, are avoided. As the modern-day workforce is spread across the globe, Live Online training plays a key role in managing multiple offices and providing everyone with the same standard and quality of training courses, regardless of where your team members are located. Alternatively, if only one person from your team or organization requires specific training, then Live-Online training is the best solution for doing so, without the need to travel or incur any additional expenses. 
Industry experienced and Certified instructors deliver Live Online courses that offer effective learning solutions at conveniently scheduled class times.

We have significant experience in collaborating with organizations, in order to design and deliver high-quality and appropriate custom training courses. For our clients, we provide bespoke training solutions based on their needs, allowing individuals and teams to work on tasks similar to their project.

A big part of our success is our approach to teaching and the way we operate our services.  All CGISCIENCE training courses are hands-on, practical and project based. Our instructors carefully plan and deliver each training program with the individual or teams overall learning objectives in mind, so the content being delivered is always relevant to their respective roles. During each session, our trainers teach critical theories only and then most of the training time is dedicated towards demonstrating practical techniques. The students then practice these techniques on their own computer, by creating a mini project prototype during the course. This way of teaching enables our clients to ‘create’ as they learn and achieve the best results possible.


The rapid pace of technological changes and businesses today, demand a learning approach that meets the needs of both the private individual and medium to large organizations. By understanding the importance of these rapid advancements, we have designed a training method that reflects the needs of the market.

Our training programs are aimed at junior and senior specialists, industry professionals, freelancers, students, and hobbyists of AEC (architecture, engineering and construction), automotive and scientific (biotechnology) industries.

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CGISCIENCE Worldwide Network delivers bespoke, project-based custom training programs and professional accreditations in Autodesk, Adobe, V-Ray, Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

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