Autodesk 3ds Max

Course Duration

5 days

Course Date

2021 - 05 - 24


Live - Online


1200 €



Throughout these 3ds Max and V-Ray course, we will explore how to create an architectural scene from complete scratch. We will model the building, architectural detailing, furniture, props and fabrics using a combination of 3ds Max and V-Ray for 3ds Max. We will also unwrap as many models as we can when it comes to texturing and materials. Finally, we will set up lighting using an HDRI to achieve the soft, diffused look we need. In the second part of this course we will be rendering and texturing our scene with V-Ray for 3ds Max. By the end of this 3ds Max and V-Ray training, you'll have gained a solid understanding of techniques used for modeling, lighting, rendering as well as creating materials and post-production.


Modeling techniques

Every 3D object that is displayed in a 3D scene is made up of a 3D mesh that can be created using a wide range of techniques. We will explore main modeling techniques.

Visual Development


The lighting of a project is one of the most important aspects to master if you wish to achieve an appealing, good-looking, realistic render. Mastering the basic concepts is not only necessary but an important part of a good foundation. In this part you will learn how to create and set different light types.



Throughout these part we'll delve into the key concepts and techniques of composition, placing and moving cameras.

Post Production

V-Ray elements rendering is a post-production process of dividing an image into separate layers and tweaking each individual layer for a more fully optimized overall image. It is often used for adjusting the color and intensity of lighting. You will learn how to enable a vast array of adjustments in 2D and save on long and expensive 3D renders.

Post Production


V-Ray for 3ds Max introduces new tools and a new look to the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB). In addition to its new icons, cleaner design and improved layout, you’ll teach two key new features on the right side of the interface — Layer Compositing and Light Mix.

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1200 €

Course Date

2021 - 05 - 24


5 days

Target Audience 

This course is directed at architects, engineers, scientists, interior and product designers, as well as any other beginner or professional who wants to achieve a photorealistic render, animation, VR and simulation at a professional level.  

Delivery Formats 

This course can be attended Live Online in a virtual classroom remotely from home or office, private one-to-one and for your team. 


After completing the training course program, students will receive an Completion Training Certificates. 

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