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A creator-friendly custumer support team that's always just click away


CGISCIENCE consulting is composed of digital advisors and consultants.  The role of a CGISCIENCE consultant is to help enterprises implement and adopt the correct software services and devices to solve, visualize and understand new possibilities for their businesses.
CGISCIENCE consultations are project-based engagements to provide services related to planning, implementing and adopting the solutions that accelerate the value customers derive from their investments. These engagements cover services based on Autodesk, Unity3D, Unreal Engine and V-Ray software’s and technologies, across digital strategy, planning, 3D modelling, animation, architecture and BIM insight solutions.

Consulting Areas

Level up your creative pipeline with CGISCIENCE. See how CGISCIENCE's team can empower your architects, engineers and scientists plus sync your team and track all your data, so you can make your next project an even bigger success than your last one.


Empower your artists, sync your team, and track all your data so you can make your next project an even bigger hit.


Remove the technological barriers that hold you back and stop you from bidding on  projects.


Acquire the latest industry relevant skills and develop skillsets that can turn IT advantages into business wins.


Keep your artists focused on creating and producing quality work and so they are not distracted by business routines.

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